Bologna “La Grassa”

Every Italian city that respects has its nickname. Bologna has three: “la dotta” (learned), “la rossa” (red) and “la grassa” (fat). Dotta for its historic university, Rossa for its red roofs and facades of “red bolognese” color, Grassa for its numerous specialty food. If you think at Palazzo della Mercanzia were filed over 24 recipes (the best known) choosen and selected by the Academy of Italian Cooking; we remember tortellini, tagliatelle, ragù (meat sauce) and lasagna.

According to some historians, there is a close correlation between Bologna “la dotta” and “la grassa”, only the abundance food could nourish and preserve a vast people student. It’s fat because it’s learned: the study of nutrition and the study of new cooking techniques, have done that Bologna became the fulcrum of European gastronomic culture. In fact, for every Bolognese (adoptive or not) respecting, eat WELL is a top priority!

Inside the famous area called “Quadrilatero” there’s only spoiled for choice on where to stop to eat or what to buy. Saturday market is full of Bolognesi people, intent to buy what is more fresh and good that counters can offer: from fish to meat, from vegetables to cured meats. All absolutely top quality!

My advice? Stop at La Baita in via Pescherie Vecchie. Irresistible cheese and Bolognese specialties await you!

Posted by Anita