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In Bologna Easter Monday is only in San Luca

The Bolognese tradition’s wants that during in Easter Monday, people will do the so-called walk in San Luca or the neighboring hills. It starts from the arcades of Meloncello, to get up on top of the Basilica, a salute to the Madonna and then everyone to celebrate in the green with a delicious picnic.

It’s a custom spontaneous that has always existed here in Bologna and that is handed down from family to family; not to lose our roots and to make known at guests and children the Bolognese Hollywood.

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Carnival in Bologna is always an awaited event! The first carnival cakes start to appear on the counters, of the most famous pastry shops, the day after Epiphany. On Jenuary 7 “Sfrappole”, “Raviole” and “Sweet Tagliatelle” make sure that the magic atmosphere of Christmas is pursued until pancake days. After that, the expectation of Easter. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry! Il Cucchiaio di Anita is here to talk about traditional recipe and local cuisine.

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