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Garganelli & Sausage

Garganelli are a form of egg pasta, very similar to the classic penne. Its origin has twofold story: some dates the invention of Garganello 1400 in the kitchens of Caterina Sforza; and who in 1700 in Romagna, the luxury of eating tortellini was for a few, so peasants invented this type of pasta, which absorbs the sauce just as a “stuffed pasta”. After all, the origins of egg pasta are humble. But the “legend” that I prefer to narrate, tells of a good cook, of the kitchens of Cardinal Bentivoglio, intents on making cappelletti/tortellini. While she was preparing them, a domestic animal ate a good portion of them. Alarmed by what had happened, and not to throw away the square of egg pasta that she had prepared, a fantastic idea come to her in a flash: roll them on a thin wooden torch and later “to scratch” them on a combs structure. Thus were born the garganelli, whose name comes from the dialect “garganel” or gullet, the tracheal part of the chicken. Hence the use of season with sausage, meat sauce or with ham and peas.

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Who’s Anita


Hostess, food bloggers and true Bolognese. I like to consider myself as a lover of food and cooking, more generally, everything about the world of food. The only cooking basics I got them from a Chef very dear to me, the rest I did it alone. Every day I read, I observe, I document and study about food, but it is the instinct that often leads me to create recipes. When I see a raw material interesting, in my mind beings a kind of merge process: with such flavors can marry well, what kind of cooking I can do, how to present it!?

What will do Il Cucchiaio di Anita for City Red Bus?

I like good food and most of all I like to eat well. In all my plates, I always try to put my mark, because I think that cooking is first “life!”. Everyone needs to eat, and sooner or later they cook something. Therefore, even if “the plate” is a simple dish, there’s a story inside, a little piece of our history. It is from this story that comes this enogastronomic journey between Il Cucchiaio di Anita and City Red Bus. I will let you know with the eyes and especially the taste, The Bologna of who, like me, was born and raised here.

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Enjoy your meal!